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FarSync X25 M-Series PCMCIA adapter
The X.25 PC Card solution for Windows XP and 2000

The FarSync X25 M-Series PCMCIA adapters provide high performance X.25 communications for Laptops and PCs using PC Cards.

Typical Applications
APIs for Application Development
TCP/IP over X25
Card Performance
Fast Installation and Configuration
Software Technical Specifications
Hardware Technical Specifications


The FarSync X.25 M1P adapter have been developed to provide high performance X.25 connectivity for Windows XP and 2000. The 1 port PCMCIA card can utilise lines up to 512 Kbits/s with support for RS232C, X.21 and V.35 network interfaces.
The X.25 software has a host of features including a COM Port API, a feature rich low level API and IP over X.25. A comprehensive development tool kit is included with each product.

A GUI multi-port Line Monitor and a Line Statistics application are included with the product.

Typical Applications

The FarSync X25 M-Series PCMCIA cards are suitable for connection to all types of X.25 networks, X.25 over the ISDN D channel and leased lines. Example applications include:
Private X.25 networks such as Lottery, Police, Customs, Military, Financial, Government and Airline
E-Commerce gateways for credit verification
Mixed X.25 and IP networks
SMS message gateways
X.25 connections to Laptops including military Laptops

APIs for Application Development
Application developers have a choice of of 2 APIs for X.25 and 1 for HDLC. An API selector guide is provided to assist the developer in choosing the most appropriate interface.
The developers toolkit is included with the product,
This contains sample applications and full documentation to fast track your development process.
Free email and telephone support is provided to application developers.
This interface provides a very quick and easy to use interface to X.25. Each X.25 session is represented by a COM Port controlled by AT commands. The COM Port API is particularly suitable for applications developed in Visual Basic and similar languages or for those not familiar with X.25. Full documentation and a sample application is provided.

A very flexible and powerful API, allowing access to the low level features of X.25 whilst also enabling easy development. The API is particularly suitable where a large number of sessions are required or where close control over the X.25 layer is required. The comprehensive manual documents the function call definitions and provides helpful advice on the best way to utilise the API. As well as example applications in C the interface structures are also provided in Pascal to permit easy interfacing for applications developed in Delphi.

TCP/IP over X.25

The IP over X.25 support is included as part of the FarSync X25 product, it is fully integrated into Windows XP and 2000. Configuration is performed using standard Network configuration menus.
Multiple connections over multiple X.25 sessions are supported.
Higher level protocols that run over IP including TCP, UDP, HTTP and FTP are supported.

Complies with:
RFC 1356 (IP over X.25)
RFC 1598 (PPP over X.25)
RFC 1662 (Async format PPP over X.25)

Card Performance

The intelligent FarSync M-Series card offers high performance in a small package. The software supports a full set of X.25 features whilst still providing high data packet throughput.
Up to 254 simultaneous virtual connections
Up to 500 pps (data packets per second)
Line speeds up to 512 Kbits/s

Fast Installation and Configuration
The card features 'Plug and Play' support for Windows XP and 2000. Fast installation and easy configuration are a feature of the product.

There is context sensitive help and an on-line manual. Many of the parameters such as DTE / DCE selection are determined automatically. Selecting the line speed by default automatically sets suitable timer and retry values. An advanced tab permits users to exactly specify the configuration of the line should it be required.

The product includes a multi-port line monitor, an invaluable tool when testing new applications and commissioning new systems. Line traces can be displayed in real time, recorded and reviewed with full protocol decoding, comments can even be inserted in the trace to assist later analysis.

A connection status and statistics utility is also provided. Its functions include the display of the channel connection status and statistics of user data, packet and frame types passed over the X.25 lines.

The X.25 software, utilities, IP over X.25 support and the development tool kit are all included on the CD-ROM supplied with the FarSync communications adapter. Cables are ordered separately.

New releases of X.25 software for FarSync cards are made available for download.