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FarSync OEM M1P v2 - PCMCIA card - for Windows XP, 2000 and CE


The FarSync OEM M1P v2 PCMCIA card provides synchronous X.21, V.35, RS530 and RS232C network connectivity to laptops and other platforms that use the PCMCIA card format. A fully documented API and Developers Toolkit is provided


FarSync OEM M1P - PCMCIA sync comms card



The FarSync OEM M1P v2 PCMCIA PC card and software is designed to provide a synchronous hardware communication solution for companies who wish to quickly develop their own communications products without incurring the cost of having to develop and approve hardware. A number of synchronous networking interfaces are supported including X.21, V.35, RS-530, and RS232C.

The product includes support for the standard Windows SDCI API. This provides applications with direct access to the card's communications port for bit synchronous (HDLC) framing and also transparent bitstream operation for video and voice. Full documentation and a sample application demonstrating both modes of operation is provided. The Developers Toolkit is included with the product.

A driver is available for Windows CE.

Typical Applications

The synchronous FarSync OEM M1P v2 adapter is suitable for a very wide variety of applications, examples include:

  • Laptop access to synchronous based services
  • WAN access to systems using PCMCIA for external devices
  • HDLC framing support for non standard or specialist protocols
  • Interfacing Audio or DAB bit streams to Servers
  • Data generators for test systems
  • Engineering monitoring and control systems

aFarSync OEM M1P v2 Hardware

The card uses a multifunction SEROCCO communications chip supporting, sync, transparent data, NRZ, NRZI and Manchester encoding. The synchronous port can run to speeds of up to 512 Kbits/s full duplex.

The multifunction line drivers available support RS232C (V.24), X.21 (RS422, V.11), V.35, RS530 and RS449 network interfaces, all soft configurable and protected from static charges by ESD protection devices.

The M1P supports accurate internal clock generation at a wide range of standard frequencies from 9,600 baud to 512 Kbits/s, dual clocks can be generated in V.11 mode if required. Internal clocking is selectable for the RS232C, X.21 and RS449 network interfaces.

aWindows SDCI API

The FarSync OEM M-Series card and software provides support for an enhanced SDCI (Synchronous Dumb Card Interface) API. The API allows applications to exactly control the type of data sent and received in both bit synchronous (HDLC framed) data and transparent bitstream formats.  The SDCI SDK contains everything a user needs to rapidly develop and test applications for such requirements as supporting specialist synchronous protocols or transparent bitstream data requirements such as Audio, MPEG Video and DAB. The SDCI API is largely compatible with that provided with the FarSync OEM T-Series PCI cards.

Drivers for the FarSync OEM M1P card is provided for Windows XP, 2000 and Server 2003. Easy to follow samples applications with support for both modes of operation is provided complete with source code to illustrate how the interface can be used, see further information on the SDCI API.

Easy installation and fast configuration are features when using the SDCI Interface on Windows, On-line help, documentation and GUI based test utilities are provided.


Product Packaging

The product includes:

Windows SDCI driver for the card,
Documentation supplied on CD-ROM,
A quick start guide,
The M1P communications card,
Developers Toolkit for the SDCI API.

The cables are purchased separately, see the Cable Table for details. New versions of the software are available for free download as they are released.

Technical Specifications - General and Hardware Features

Product Name FarSync OEM M1P v2
Product code FS5133
Warranty 5 years
Hardware Features
Card type PCMCIA type II PC Card
PC card cable connector FCI rocard
Port count 1 port
Network Interfaces RS232C (V.24) - 25 pin male D type,
X.21 (V.11/ RS422) - 15 pin male D type,
V.35 - MRAC-34 male 'brick' type,
RS530 (EIA-530),
can also be supported.
Link speed range RS232C: up to 128 Kbits/s
X21, V35, RS530: up to 512 Kbits/s
Line signal encoding NRZ, NRZI, Manchester Encoding and other special modes
ESD protection Yes, Littelfuse high speed ESD and over-voltage protection
Approvals EN55022 class B, CE
MTBF 468,787 hours. Bellcore Method 1 Case 3, 40 deg.C ambient, 15 deg.C case temperature rise above ambient
Power requirements < 150 mA @ +5v
< 0.75 watts
Cable type compatibility Cables are ordered separately, see Cables
Internal/External Line Clocking Both. Internal clock range selectable for X.21 and RS232C modes, range 9,600 baud to 512 Kbits/s. No special cables are required to use internal clocks.

Software and Manuals

Software and Manual Features

Example applications Windows SDCI sample application,
All example applications are in C, source provided.
Operating System Support Windows 2000, XP and Server 2003
Windows CE
Programming Manuals Programming Reference manuals in PDF format provided, includes details on the hardware and sample software.
API Manuals FarSync Windows SDCI SDK Reference Manual
Chip Specifications Datasheets and programming guides for the main devices on the card.


There are a number of different cable and connector configurations available. The table below lists the cables available, crossover cables, sometimes referred to as null modem cables are also detailed.

FarSync OEM M-Series Cables

Product Name

Cable Photos


Product Code

Cables for the FarSync OEM M1P v2
QCR1 PCR1 RS232C (V.24) cable with male 25 pin D type connectors, 1.5 metres FS6085
QCX1 PCX1 X.21 (V.11) cable with male 15 pin D type connectors, 1.5 metres FS6086
QCV1 PCV1 V.35 cable with standard MRAC-34 (brick) male connectors, 1.5 metres FS6087
Q530 P530 RS530 (EIA-530) cable, DB-25M connector, 1.5 metres FS6088
Special Purpose Cables for M-Series cards
Null-MX Null-MX X.21 double shielded crossover cable, 15 pin D type female connectors, 0.5 metres.
Suitable for FarSync T-Series cards, see pinouts
X21-EXT X.21 double shielded 15 metre extension cable, 15 pin D type female to 15 pin D type male connector FS6091
Null-MR3 Null-MR3 V.24 (RS232C) double shielded crossover cable, 25 pin D type female connectors, 0.5 metres.
Suitable for FarSync T-Series cards, see pinouts
X21-449-INT X21-449-INT X.21 to RS449 - conversion cable for use when the FarSync adapter generates the clock (internal clocking), 0.5 metres FS6093
X21-449-EXT X21-499-EXT X21-449-EXT X.21 to RS449 - conversion cable for use when the clock is externally generated (DCE Clock), 0.5 metres FS6094


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